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Ultimate Star Trek: Timeline Part Two

Okay so here is part two of my Ultimate Star Trek timeline.  I expect this one will raise the most eyebrows (though part three is pretty out there too) with the amount of changes I have made to the canon timeline of Star Trek.  Some of them you might like and others you might not.  I just hope you enjoy reading this and remember it does nothing to undo the Star Trek you love, whatever version that may be.


The Great Expansion
2228 - 2245

During this time the Starfleet charted countless systems and encountered scores of new races. The most important fact of this time is that it is the first time that the Federation knows almost complete peace with it's neighbors.

Also during this time the Constitution Class ships make their name as peerless vessels, and many of their Captains become heroes and legends. Their heroism and actions bring the word of the Federation to the furthest reaches of explored space. Among these legendary names are Captains Robert April, Christopher Pike, James Kirk and Anthony Stocker.

The member planets and races of the UFP swell and a new UFP headquarters is built on Earth to accommodate. The Federation has firmly established itself, survived its trial by fire and looks forward to what the future will bring.


• The Constitution-class heavy cruiser enters service. The first one, the USS Constitution NCC-1700, is given to Fleet Captain Garth. Also at this time, Garth begins transferring Izarian members of Starfleet to serve on his ship.

• First contact with the Kzinti goes well, as the USS Farragut NCC-1706, under the command of Captain Theodore Garrovik, comes to the aid of a disabled Kzinti cruiser. After this showing, it is only a matter of days before Kzin diplomats journey to Earth and establish an embassy.


• The USS Enterprise NCC-1701, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, breaches the Galactic Barrier. Unfortunately the FIRST OFFICER, Commander Gary Mitchell and his science officer, Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, are affected by the breach, gaining god-like powers. After the mysterious death of three crew-members and a mutiny attempt by Mitchell and Dehner, Kirk attempts to maroon both on the planet Delta Vega, but in the end Mitchell and Dehner are killed. Both are listed as having given their lives in the line of duty.

• Memory Alpha begins operations. The planetoid contains a massive library with countless donations from Federation member worlds.


• Possession, sale and transport of Orion Animal Women within Federation territory is outlawed.

• The USS Excalibur NCC-1708, under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, responds to a distress call on the planet Talos IV. After returning, Captain Pike requests that the system by quarantined by Starfleet Command.


• The USS Enterprise encounters a derelict vessel from Earth's past. On-board are refugees from the late 21st century Eugenics Wars. After their leader, Khan Noonian-Singh, attempts to kill Kirk and steal his ship, Kirk exiles all the refugees on Ceti-Alpha V.


• Cardassian vessels attack the Setlik III. Fleet Captain Garth is given command of two squadrons dispatched to the system. The result is a series of battles that see heavy losses on both sides, but in the end the Cardassians fall back to their side of the border.


• The USS Yorktown NCC-1712, under the command of Captain Jennifer Marks, discovers the USS Exeter NCC 1711, under the command of Captain Robert Tracey, in orbit around Omega IV. Marks learns that the crew of the Exeter has been killed by residual biological agents left over from a war occurring centuries ago between Omega IVs inhabitants, except for Captain Tracey, who seemed immune to their effects. After interfering in the affairs of the Omegan population and trying to kill Marks and her crew, Tracey is charged and convicted with violation of the Prime Directive.


• The Miranda Class enters service with the USS Miranda NCC-1800. She is only the second Heavy Cruiser class to be employed by Starfleet, and while not as famous a class as the Constitution Class, Mirandas serve loyally and well.

• The USS Lexington NCC-1709, under the command of Captain Anthony J. Stocker, responds to a distress call from Cestus III. Once there they discover that the population has been utterly destroyed by Gorns. Before the Lexington can assault the ship that is responsible for the action, a powerful race calling themselves the Metrons place Captain Stocker and the Gorn Captain on an uninhabited world, with no equipment, to battle to the death. Stocker wins the contest, but refuses to kill the Gorn, and both sides are allowed to leave.


• The USS Hood NCC-1703, under the command of Captain John Christopher, encounters a 20th century version of the Roman Empire on planet 892-IV. The away team, composed of Captain Christopher, First Officer Thelin (an Andorian) and Dr. M'benga, is captured and forced to compete in televised gladiatorial combats. First Citizen Mericus is revealed to be Captain John Merik, a former Federation ship commander, who has become the head of the empire. When Christopher is about to be killed in the gladiator matches, Merik helps him escape, but is himself killed.

• Captain T'Val is given command of the USS Exeter. She is the first Vulcan ever to command a Starfleet ship.


• Captain Muriel Lindsey, Lieutenant Ian Andrews and Ensign Martin Keith of the USS Bismarck NCC-1704, are kidnapped by a mysterious group of disembodied brains, calling themselves the Providers, and taken to the planet Triskelion in the M24 Alpha Trinary star-system. There, Lindsey, Andrews and Keith are forced to fight gladiatorial combat for the wagering of the Providers. Using cunning and skill, Lindsey manages to cause the other slaves to revolt as the Bismarck arrives in orbit, having traced the location of the planet. In the end, the Providers agree to release the slaves and educate them, to honour a lost wager with Captain Lindsey.


• The USS Exeter reports to Janus VI, where several Pergium mining personal were mysteriously killed. Captain T'Val and her crew discover that an intelligent silicon-based creature called a Horta has caused the deaths. After using a Mind Meld to communicate with the creature, T'Val discovers that the miners had been destroying orbs of silicon they found, which were in fact the Horta's eggs. After this contact, the miners learned not to disturb the eggs and the Horta leads them to richer deposits of Pergium.


• A strange energy cloud strikes Memory Alpha, killing all on-board and wiping the computer banks. The USS Yamato NCC-1705, under the command of Captain Robert April, responds to the crisis. Though a the words and actions of a crew-member possessed by the same energy cloud, Lt. Mira Romaine, April learns that the energy cloud consists of the consciousnesses of the survivors of the planet Zetar. April is able to expel the energy cloud and restore the data to Memory Alpha.

• The USS Constellation NCC-1707, under the command of Commodore Matthew Decker, serves as transport for Vulcan, Andorian and Tellarite delegates heading to the Babel Conference. An attempt, by Orion Syndicate agents, to prevent the Conference from voting on the admission of Coridan into the UFP is thwarted by Decker and his crew.

• The USS Farragut and the Klingon ship IKV K'Vrak are imprisoned by a mysterious entity in orbit around the planet Beta XII-A. The entity then pits 38 of the Klingons, including Commander Kang and his wife Mara, against 38 of the Farragut's crew, including Captain Garrovik, with nothing but swords and daggers for weapons, on-board the Farragut. In the end, both Kang and Garrovik conclude that the entity was feeding of the violence and negative emotions, so they starve it by forcing their people to cooperate peacefully.


• Klingons attack the Federation colony on Omus II. The Klingon High Council claims the ships involved were renegades.

• The USS Excalibur serves as transport for the Elaan, the Dohlman of Elas, to the planet Troyius, where she is to get married. Along the way to Troyius, a Klingon vessel attacks the Excalibur, but is destroyed. The marriage takes place, and according to their agreement, both Elas and Troyius enter the Federation.

• The USS Lexington encounters the first Romulan vessel to use a cloaking device. Although they cannot see the vessel, the Lexington manages to destroy it. During this encounter the first images of Romulans are seen, and everyone is surprised to note that they are Vulcanoid.

• The USS Constellation fails to make a standard check-in. A search party is dispatched, but no sign of the ship is found, although the searchers report back the destruction of two star systems, L-370 and L-374 and a cloud of Neutronium debris that may have been a vessel of some sort.


• The USS Yorktown disappears while on route for a standard refueling and re-supply at Starbase 18. A search party is launched, but no trace of the ship is found.


• Klingons attack the Federation colony on Bandek's Planet. Responding to the distress call, the USS Lexington is ambushed by a Klingon pack. Captain Stocker orders an emergency hull-separation, and crashes the saucer-section on an uninhabited world in the Bandek system. They are rescued 6 months later by a Starfleet scout ship.

• The USS Enterprise manages to enter Romulan space and steal a Cloaking Device. Using it to escape, Starfleet sets their best minds to reverse engineering the device.


• The USS Farragut is crippled by contact with an energy creature of cloud-like form. 200 crew-members are killed, along with Captain Theodore Garrovik. The last message received by Starfleet tells of repairs being underway and Commander Anton Chenowyth having assumed command. The Farragut is never heard from again.

• First contact occurs with the Tholians. The USS Yamato is trapped by the Tholians in their Tholian Web. Only after the UFP agrees to honour Tholian space is the ship released.


• Despite intense examination by the best minds in Starfleet, the Romulan cloaking device remains a mystery. Nevertheless, political pressure forces Starfleet to make a demonstration of the stolen device. The device is installed on the USS Eagle NCC 1710. The ship, filled with dignitaries from all over the Federation, manages to successfully activate the device. After a few minutes the Eagle still has not reappeared and cannot be raised on subspace radio. The event is seen as a major disaster and the Federation pressures Starfleet to cease all research into the development of cloaking device technology.

• The USS Exeter is destroyed by two Romulan warships while attempting an emergency evacuation of colonists from Yolda VII. Although most of the crew manages to escape to the surface of the planet, Captain T'Val and her first officer, Commander John Blackstone, are taken prisoner by the Romulans.

• Talks between the Federation and the Klingon Empire breakdown. Both sides mobilize fleets and race towards the disputed zone. The Klingons, under command of Commander Kor, seize a planet called Organia. The Enterprise is the first ship on scene, but Captain Kirk and his First Officer, Commander Spock are captured after attempting to sabotage the Klingon efforts on the surface. As the Starfleet Task Force and Klingon Battlegroup square off over the planet, the Organians reveal themselves as evolved beings that prevent the ships from firing weapons or even moving. The Organians then impose the Organian Peace on both sides and establish a Treaty Zone where neither side may dispatch warships.


• The USS Yamato fails to make a scheduled check in at Deep Space Station 4. A search party is launched but no trace of her is found.
• The USS Hood exposes a Klingon attempt to poison the wheat supply for Sherman's Planet at Deep Space Station K-7. The attempt is foiled when 1,771,561 Tribbles eat and are killed by the poison wheat.

• Federation diplomats cede the Cestus III colony to the Gorns, who claim it as part of their territory. The 50,000 Federation colonists already on the planet relocated.

• Nimbus III is established as the "Planet of Galactic Peace" by a treaty between the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire and the United Federation of Planets.

• The USS Bismarck reports contact with an unknown object, paralleling their course. A Starfleet log-buoy, later discovered, records that Captain Lindsey gave orders for the Bismarck to break off and investigate. No sign of the Bismarck, debris or otherwise, is found.

• Infuriated at Starfleet and the Federation's desire for peace with the Gorns, Fleet Captain Garth mutinies and takes the Constitution into Gorn space. Starfleet immediately declares Garth renegade. The USS Hood is dispatched to intercept and is forced to engage Garth. The Hood is crippled in the exchange and scuttled by Starfleet after the USS Enterprise rescues her crew.

• The USS Excalibur heads into unexplored frontier space, in response to a distress call by an unknown vessel. No trace of her, or the crew is found.


• After completing an unprecedented third 5 Year mission, the USS Enterprise returns to Earth. Captain Kirk is promoted to the rank of Admiral and the Enterprise is given to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers for a massive refit. In Honor of the Enterprise being the only original Constitution to return to home base in one piece, Starfleet abandons the concept of individual ship emblems and adopts the Enterprise logo as the official Starfleet emblem.

• Starfleet Intelligence learns that a limited technological exchange has occurred between the Klingons and the Romulans. While they are unable to learn if the Romulans have given Cloaking Technology to the Klingons, they do learn that the Klingons have shared shipbuilding techniques with the Romulans. Analysis shows that with more advanced ships and cloaks, the Romulans could become a larger threat than any the Federation has ever faced.

To be concluded...

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